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Key Features & Benefits

On the drug name the drugs are synchronized by strength, forms, generic name, price & company name. Also we use specific forms icon for easy recognition. The app also provides thorough information about particular drugs such as: indications, dosage & administrations, contraindications, side effects, precautions & warnings, FDA pregnancy category, pack size & price.

Featuring various search options in the home page to help Doctor find the words they need more easily, quickly and conveniently. Also this will give more freedom to choose different options in different situations and needs. The options are:

Search tool

A quick search of drugs while you type saves your time A ‘keyword’ search for finding key words within phrasal verbs You can select a search type as search by brand, by generic and by condition Also we have advance search option to find the specific drugs quickly by its brand or generic or company name or by disease conditions Bookmark entries for quick access.

A-Z Drugs

A-Z drugs list is organized alphabetically by brand name and you can filter this easily by company name

Drug by Generic

Generic drug name are also organized alphabetically and from there you can go to various brands and can filter those by company name

Drug by Class

In this category drugs are classifieds in different systemic class & subclass. The subclasses are divided by therapeutic class of drugs. So that you can find out the specific group of drugs quite easily and perfectly

Drugs by Condition

Here the conditions are grouped alphabetically and more systematically to find the drugs which are used on that condition

Favourite Drugs

On the drug details you can bookmark any drugs for later viewing & quick access. You can personalize favourite drug list for important and frequently accessed content.

Add Drug

Through this tool you can add and notify us about any new or missing drugs.

Practice Updates

Current medical trends and information.