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Telemedicine Services

Clinical telemedicine services offered by the ITmedicus is a web-based Hybrid Telemedicine Systems using live video conferencing, store and forward software, or live communication portals that connect patients and health practitioners throughout Bangladesh.

Software development

TIMES (Telemedicine Information, Management and Education System) software solution is used for appointment scheduling, patient data management, keeping electronic health records, video conferencing, prescription writing and other administrative tasks surrounding health care.

Mobile App development

ITmedicus has developed few unique mobile apps like mDoctor & DIMS. mDoctor connect patients with doctors from anywhere and patient can get prescription instantly in their mobile phone. DIMS is the comprehensive and up-to-date offline free mobile drug index app of Bangladesh.

Digital Marketing

We have huge client information resources in respective healthcare settings. To find the most appropriate digital marketing channel for you, ITmedicus offer you simple, effective, advanced and comfortable solutions to reach the vast majority of clients shortly & effectively.

 ITmedicus is the leader and pioneer in developing Healthcare App & Softwares and Telehealth services in Bangladesh. ITmedicus offers timely coverage of the advances in technology in healthcare industry. Our team are keen to develop cutting edge mobile apps & software’s utilizing state of the art technology, unique expertise and creativity. Our development team comprises of IT experts and Clinical professionals who have a strong understanding of the evolving trends in the healthcare industry.