A Phenicol

Eye Ointment

1 gm/100 gm

Chloramphenicol 1% Eye prep

Acme Laboratories Ltd.

Unit Price: 11.70 BDT

Packsize: 5gm tube


Avoid prolonged use. Discontinue immediately if local hypersensitivity reactions occur.


Bacterial Conjunctivitis

Adult Dose

Ocular infections Adult: Apply a 1% ointment 3-4 times daily. Hepatic impairment: Dose reduction may be required.

Renal Dose

Renal impairment: Dose reduction may be required.

Side Effect

Ophthalmic application: Hypersensitivity reactions including rashes, fever and angioedema.


Decreased effects of iron and vitamin B12 in anaemic patients. Phenobarbitone and rifampin reduce efficacy of chloramphenicol. Impairs the action of oral contraceptives. Potentially Fatal: Increases the effect of oral anticoagulants, oral hypoglycaemic agents, phenytoin. Avoid concomitant administration with drugs that depress bone marrow function.